Adebanji does a demo for Epsom & Ewell Art Group.

Stages of The Demo in Acrylic and Adebanji with the final piece.

Stages of The Demo in Acrylic and Adebanji with the final piece.

Adebanji came to Epsom and Ewell Art Group last night and proved a great hit with our members. Full of enthusiasm he managed to complete in the 2 hours he was there, a fantastic acrylic Urban Landscape of the street outside of Peter Jones in Chelsea, all the while giving hints and tips to our members. Even during our break when he was surrounded by members, Adebanji continued to work on the painting while answering questions; A sight I have not seen before. Many members congratulated me at the end of the evening on having booked Adebanji, saying that in the years they had been members, some up to 15 years, he was the best demonstrator to date and others said they had learned more from him in the 2 hours than they had learnt in numerous demos put together!!!

Please come back soon.

Nicola Hughes

Programme Secretary Epsom & Ewell Art Group


Adebanji Alade visit to St Peter’s RC High School

Adebanji Alade visit to ST Peter's

Adebanji Alade visit to ST Peter’s

“The students and Art department had all an awesome day. Adebanji was amazingly talented, enthusiastic and really inspired the students. They got so much from the day, most students stayed and worked through lunch  by their own choice and Adebanji actually had to physically go round the room and take the paint brushes out of their hands as they would not pack up at the end of the day. They loved it!!!”  Mrs Ginette Baker (Head of Art)