Adebanji Presents “BANKSY DASH” On BBC One Show (May 9, 2017)

Adebanji Alade presents “Living Photographs” on The One Show

Here, Adebanji Alade  presents a short film about a twentieth century photographer, Arthur Mole, who pioneered a mass-participation portraiture technique known as ‘living photography’. he does this with professional photographer Karl Taylor – and students of St Benedict’s Catholic College Essex


Adebanji presents the work of Nikki Douthwaite who produces stunning portraits made with tiny dots. She makes a lovely piece to celebrate Dot Cotton’s (June Brown) 90th Birthday this year!


Adebanji presents an interesting short film on an artist who did great posters but didn’t have much exposure until his grandson (Goff Gleadle) discovers his work and teams up with a great digital artist (Kendal James) to bring these works to life……


This was shown on BBC One, I was featured as the Presenter on a short 4 min film on the One Show, with people finder Cat Whiteaway and Iris Simmons, to unravel something interesting!

Adebanji paints, sketches and interviews Chris Eubanks on The One Show.

Chris Eubank, 39" x 39", Oil on Canvas, As Seen on BBC One The One Show

Chris Eubank, 39″ x 39″, Oil on Canvas, As Seen on BBC One The One Show

Adebanji Alade Interviews And Paints Samantha Fox On The One Show, BBC One

Adebanji Alade Paints Sam Fox, As Seen on BBC One The One Show

Sam Fox, 24″ x 18, Oil on Canvas, As Seen on BBC One The One Show

Adebanji Alade Sketches Jeremy Paxman And Leslie Ash On The One Show – October 2016

Adebanji Alade (The Addictive Sketcher) can be seen here being featured on BBC one – The One Show  (in October 2016) where he sketched Jeremy Paxman and also where he interviews, sketches and paints Leslie Ash and speaks about his work.


jeremy paxman

Adebanji Sketching and Interviewing Gail Porter On BBC One Show

Adebanji sketches and Interviews Gail Porter

Adebanji sketches and Interviews Gail Porter

Time Lapse Of My Sky Landscape Artist Painting

The whole painting process I did for Sky Landscape Artist (2015) of the year in 2 minutes.

Adebanji On Landscape Artist Of The Year – SkyArt

Adebanji Featured in The One Show, BBC, July 2015



This a short Interview that took place on the 24th of April, 2015 at Arise TV, London. Here, Adebanji explains a bit about his sketching habit and mostly about his latest painting, “The African Doll” which is currently being exhibited at Lacey Contemporary Gallery, till the 11th of May 2015.