WORKSHOP: Painting A Convincing And Expressive Urban Landscape

This is an intensive 6 hour workshop that I will be holding on Wednesday 29th October, 2014, where I will be teaching how to paint a convincing and expressive urban landscape.


Here Is Glimpse Of What You Will Learn On The Day:

  • How to paint convincing and expressive Urban landscapes-indoors.
  • What to look for outdoors to give your indoor paintings that spark of the outdoors!
  • Making colour notes.
  • The importance of an abstract pattern with a very good value plan.
  • Approaching your painting with a layering and corrective process with the mind of a sketcher.
  • How to scale your pictures to suit the size of the ground you are going to be working on. Both the traditional way and with the Accurasee App.
  • How to put figures and cars into the painting through the silhouette method without getting bogged down with much detail.
  • How to simplify perspective in three simple steps.
  • The best times to take pictures.
  • Making your painting a personal statement and developing a painters shorthand that suggests rather than copies.
  • And most importantly, get direction and help from Adebanji while you work on your paintings after the break.

Date: Wednesday 29th October 2014, 10am – 4pm

Venue: Harris Academy, Falconwood, DA16 2PE

Free parking available.

Tea and Coffee Provided. Pls bring your packed lunch.

There are only 12 spots as I want to make sure that I’m able to give you personal attention.

Click here to register and I’ll see you there!

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